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One of the best prog-rock albums, indeed a defining prog-rock album, is “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” by Genesis.  The last Peter Gabriel album with the band, it combines the burgeoning songwriting ability of PG with the developing musical talents of the rest of the band.  Unfortunately, it was also the sign that they were at a crossroads, as Peter wanted to go in a different direction with his writing, and the thing that made the band so good, the collaborative nature of the music, fell by the wayside.

I’m going to delve into one song in particular today, “The Lamia”.



One thing that strikes me about the difference between Paul McCartney’s songs and John Lennon’s songs is the general feel that Paul wrote from the head, and John wrote from the heart.


One of my favorite bands is the Who.  For many reasons; I love Pete Townshend’s songs, John Entwistle was one of the top two bassists ever, and Keith Moon was THE best drummer in rock and roll history.

Quadrophenia, while not their most popular album, is the best they did, in terms of sheer virtuosity.  All four were at the top of their musical game on this album.

For the first post regarding this album, I’ll post one of the more popular songs, just for ear candy, nothing deep…


Surf’s Up indeed.

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I’m going to eschew the introductory post, and dive right in.

One of the things that draws all of us to music is what I call a “chill” moment.  A point in time where it all seems to come together perfectly to evoke chills.  Whether it’s a perfect chord change, a lyric that hits us particularly well, a guitar riff that just evokes awe, or something produced just right.

Here’s one of my favorites.